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Our Process

Our process is designed to give you a personal touch with the level of professionalism and efficiency you deserve. From beginning to end, we work to get to know you so we can present you and your business the way you need.


We prefer a personal touch. Our task, like a doctor, requires getting to know our clients. That is why we begin our journey together with a consultation. We need to hear you, understand you and work together to discover each of your needs. 

Scope of Work

Once we know you, we can present what we can do for you. You will receive a clear plan of your needs and how we plan to meet those needs. The Scope of Work document will address any concerns and problems you face. It's a blueprint that answers your questions and clearly defines the results. Once you are satisfied with the proposed work, we can get started right away.


We are confident that through our process you will receive a high quality solution that will meet or exceed your expectations. However, there may be a few more changes or a bit of tweaking to the design, functionality and appearance. We are interested in building a relationship with our clients. So, we offer a "check-up" to see if everything is going as planned. If not, we will work with you to get it just right. 


It all begins with our expert consultation. Through a series of specific questions, we dig into the personality and uniqueness of your "brand" and/or services. This gives us a multi-layered understanding of how we can meet your needs quickly and concisely. From this investigation process we can identify al your needs and build out a prescription for success. 

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